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A restaurant located in the Fes medina you will discover the Fassi cuisine. In general, a restaurant in Fes installed in the new city offers a more contemporary cuisine inspired. Fes for a restaurant trend, traditional or international, please visit the website of Best Restaurants Morocco. Just specify your selection criteria, and then look at your own pace each sheet corresponding restaurant in Fes. Fes is a Moroccan city, and it is also the first of the imperial cities. To enjoy all the delights this city has to offer, Best Restaurants Morocco offers a list of establishments. You can then determine which restaurant with a few clicks in Fes is best for you. And to use even more enjoyable, our site allows you to make the online booking of your restaurant in Fes. Between authentic and modern decor, you can choose.

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L'Amandier Au Palais Faraj
Palais Faraj Bab Ziat - Médina - Fès
Bab Lghoul - Dhar Lmahraz - Fès
5, Derb Ben Slimane Zerbtana - Fès
MB Fès
12, rue Ahmed Chaouki (en face de l'hôtel ... - Fès
7, Zkak Rouah - Médina - Fès
Le Relais de Paris
Bab Lghoul - Dhar Lmahraz - Fès
La Terrasse
Palais Faraj Bab Ziat, Médina de Fès - Fès


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