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Mohammedia is nestled by the main oil port of the Kingdom, twenty kilometers from Casablanca and along the Atlantic coast. Coined the "Grand Casablanca", this seaside resort is also famous for its seafood. The restaurants here are very different and worth a visit. Located between Rabat and Casablanca, Bouznika is one of the most beautiful beaches of Morocco. For lunch overlooking the waves, feet in the sand or a business meal enjoying a glass of wine, this address will make your stop between Rabat and Casablanca!

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Chez Madame Andrée
Boulevard Moulay Youssef - Mohammedia
Restaurant du Port
1, rue du Port - Mohammedia
Le Riad des Vignes
Domaine des Ouled Thaleb - Cave Thalvin - Benslimane


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