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Arzou, province of Ifrane is located 89 km south of Fez and is perched at 1,250 meters above sea level. A strategic crossroads connecting the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas, this pleasant town is lined with mountains planted with holm oaks and cedars, giving it a special charm. In addition to its rich biodiversity symbolized by a famous cedar with wonderful butterflies unique in the world, the surroundings make Azrou a favorite summer attraction for city dwellers, hikers and picnickers from the big cities nearby. The area is known for its cedars, apple trees, fish farm, monkeys and...cherry trees!


This is how the Palais des Cerisiers stands, in an exceptional setting where it is good to relax and break away from the stress of the big city. The setting is ideal for savoring the time passing by and discovering a beautiful region with lakes, rivers and green valleys. A dream destination for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Their hosting table will have you discovering tasty products from the land.

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Palais des Cerisiers
Route du Cèdre Gouraud - Azrou


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