Toro Toro


      Lunch: closed Dinner : open 7/7 from 19h00 to 01h00

      Toro Toro is a Latin American culinary stopover in the heart of M Avenue. Richard Sandoval, famous pioneer of contemporary Latin cuisine, has an innovative gastronomic approach to steakhouse cuisine: inspired by wood-fired grills, it is a festival of juicy and tasty meats, prepared and cut at the table. Fish lovers will not be forgotten: intense culinary emotions in perspective. We also recommend a visit to the fantastic bar!

      Capacity : 145 persons

      Menu extract of the restaurant Toro Toro

      Restaurant Toro Toro's starters

      Ceviche péruvien 210 Dhs
      Choclo empanadas 140 Dhs
      Thon tiradito nikkei 230 Dhs
      Bœuf tiradito à la truffe 230 Dhs
      Tacos tempura d'avocat 120 Dhs

      Restaurant Toro Toro's main courses

      Poulpe grillé 230 Dhs
      Poulet cusco 230 Dhs
      Lomo saltado 265 Dhs
      Toro Toro churrasco ( 2 pers. ) 700 Dhs
      Filet de bœuf Black Angus ( 300 gr ) 950 Dhs

      Restaurant Toro Toro's desserts

      Très leches 105 Dhs
      Fresa-pavlova 105 Dhs
      Fondant caramel 105 Dhs
      Cheesecake Oreo 125 Dhs
      La bomba ( 2 pers. ) 160 Dhs
      Parking / Carrying
      Air conditioning
      Air-conditioned cellar
      Musical ambience-Shows
      Richard Sandoval
      Chef Richard Sandoval


      M Avenue, 2 avenue de la Ménara - Marrakech

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