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      Lunch: closed Dinner : open 7/7

      Rivayat is the Indian gastronomic address of the Oberoi hotel. As soon as you arrive, you will immediately be transported into a remarkable setting evoking both the opulence of the mythical palaces of the maharajas and those of the greatest starred restaurants. A true ode to the many traditions and culinary delights of India, and under the leadership of the famous starred chef Rohit Ghai, it is a dinner full of magic; a real journey to the confines of Indian spices that you will experience!

      Capacity : 40 persons

      Menu extract of the restaurant Rivayat

      Restaurant Rivayat's starters

      Keema, pao 270 Dhs
      Homard, idli 249 Dhs
      Saumon, mooli 290 Dhs
      Poulet, olive noire 260 Dhs
      Aloo Tikki , yaourt au miel 220 Dhs

      Restaurant Rivayat's main courses

      Paneer, parcelles 300 Dhs
      Homard, noix de coco 430 Dhs
      Loup de mer, mangalore 355 Dhs
      Poulet au beurre, fenugrec 350 Dhs
      Jarret d'agneau, pomme de terre violette 390 Dhs

      Restaurant Rivayat's desserts

      Mango, malai 180 Dhs
      Malpua, rabri 180 Dhs
      Chocolat, orange 180 Dhs
      Bhappa doi, baies 180 Dhs
      Bebinca, noix de coco 180 Dhs


      Parking / Carrying
      Air conditioning
      Outdoor dining
      Exceptional view
      Garden / Patio
      Rohit Ghai
      Chef Rohit Ghai
      Med Taha El Ghouasli
      Outlet Manager Med Taha El Ghouasli


      Hôtel The Oberoi, Marrakech Route de Ouarzazate - Marrakech

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