Creative Cuisine

      Padam Padam


      Lunch: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Dinner: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

      Here's a restaurant that's sure to get your heart beating, because it's the soul of the place! You'll be captivated by the restaurant's decor, which features 2 wooden trunks topped with vegetation reminiscent of the Tree of Souls from the film Avatar. With its majestic terrazzo bar, velvet benches and ochre and Ocher tones, Padam Padam tells the love story of its owners Pascale Chatelain and Emmanuel Tetu, a story You will immediately appreciate ! In the kitchen, the noblest products are suitable for sharing, and Luxury is enjoyed in festive and Régressif mode, brilliantly executed by Hicham Fennane. Sensual and non-conformist, the Marrakchi night has just found its name.



      Capacity : 53 persons Terrace : 22 persons

      Menu extract of the restaurant Padam Padam

      Restaurant Padam Padam's starters

      Croquettes César 170 Dhs
      Soupe de fenouil et saumon à l'aneth 110 Dhs
      Croque de bœuf mariné à la truffe noire 180 Dhs
      Croustillant de gambas et caviar d'aubergine 150 Dhs

      Restaurant Padam Padam's main courses

      Lotte et gambas au safran 250 Dhs
      Wok de bœuf thaï, riz Basmati 280 Dhs
      Rigatoni Pasta, bœuf à l'origan et sauce gorgonzola 210 Dhs
      Coquelet en deux façons, mille-feuille de pomme de terre et sauce aux herbes 235 Dhs

      Restaurant Padam Padam's desserts

      Glaces artisanales 95 Dhs
      Pavlova à l'orange 95 Dhs
      Sphère chocolat et fruit rouge 95 Dhs
      Feuillté de pomme façon latin et sa glace vanille 95 Dhs


      Private room
      Air conditioning
      Outdoor dining
      Musical ambience-Shows
      Hicham Fennane
      Executive chef Hicham Fennane
      Pascale Chatelain & Emmanuel Tetu
      Owners Pascale Chatelain & Emmanuel Tetu