Italian Cuisine

      Mamma Mia


      Lunch : open 7/7 Dinner : open 7/7

      On the same side of the street as Le Loft, this sister address stands for a very different note. The Italian menu is here to honor the culture, perfectly mastered by Martial. In its contemporary trattoria atmosphere, people come here to enjoy charcuterie, pizzas of all kinds, fresh pasta and, of course, the famous Italian gelato, to the delight of connoisseurs!

      Capacity : 120 persons Private room : 50 persons

      Menu extract of the restaurant Mamma Mia

      Restaurant Mamma Mia's starters

      Salade italienne 100 Dhs
      Gratin d'aubergines 85 Dhs
      Gratin d'aubergines 85 Dhs
      Calamars et crevettes frits 110 Dhs
      Assortiment de légumes variés grillés 65 Dhs
      Bruschetta, pain grillé, ail, tomates et basilic 65 Dhs

      Restaurant Mamma Mia's main courses

      Escalope fiorentina 165 Dhs
      Foie de veau à la vénitienne 150 Dhs
      Pizza quatre fromages ( sauce tomate ) 85 Dhs
      Lasagne : viande hachée, tomate, béchamel 100 Dhs
      Spaghetti aux palourdes : ail, vin blanc, huile d'olive 165 Dhs

      Restaurant Mamma Mia's desserts

      Tiramisù 75 Dhs
      Panna cotta 55 Dhs
      Panna cotta 55 Dhs
      Crème caramel 55 Dhs
      Coupe Marcello 80 Dhs
      Mousse au chocolat 55 Dhs


      Private room
      Air conditioning
      Air-conditioned cellar
      Continuous service
      Martial Nava
      Co-owner Martial Nava
      Marina Antoniazzi
      Manager Marina Antoniazzi


      Immeuble Louise N°18, rue de la Liberté - Marrakech

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