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      Lunch: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Dinner: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

      This Japanese restaurant has two levels with a terrace, a bar with 10 stools and a completely open kitchen: it is a pure revelation. Here, the dishes are prepared with authenticity. Neat and hearty, exotic and spectacular dishes with the kitchen brigade at your service. Fish, meat, seafood and vegetables are reinterpreted Home service is of unspeakable kindness.

      Capacity : 20 persons Terrace : 25 persons Private room : from 16 to 18 persons

      Menu extract of the restaurant Iloli

      Restaurant Iloli's starters

      Edamame au sel "umami" 80 Dhs
      Salade d'algues kukiwakamé 90 Dhs
      Salade de tempura de gambas au parmesan 180 Dhs
      Itamemono de gambas, épinards et kinoko à la tomate 180 Dhs
      Cocktail de sashimi et légumes de saison au yuzukosho 170 Dhs

      Restaurant Iloli's main courses

      Ramen « païtan » au poulet 190 Dhs
      Assortiment de sushi ( 10 pièces ) 340 Dhs
      Sumibiyaki de bar, sauce teriyaki à la truffe 290 Dhs
      Filet de Saint-Pierre, sauce aux haricots noirs 280 Dhs
      Teppanyaki de bœuf, beurre maître d’hôtel au soja 290 Dhs

      Restaurant Iloli's desserts

      Le Shûkan : dessert de la semaine 120 Dhs
      Hidetoshi Nakata : tiramisu rose-litchi 120 Dhs
      Takeshi Kitano : cheesecake façon Hokkaïdo 120 Dhs
      Jyunichiro Koizumi : pavlova aux fruits de saison et yuzu 120 Dhs
      Kenzo Takada : moelleux au matcha et chocolat guanaja 120 Dhs


      Parking / Carrying
      Private room
      Air conditioning
      Air-conditioned cellar
      Outdoor dining
      Yusuke Furukawa
      Chief - Owner Yusuke Furukawa
      Noëlle Bouayad
      Co-owner Noëlle Bouayad


      33, rue Najib Mahfoud - Place Ollier - Casablanca

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