Fatéma Hal
Yannick Salerno
    Chef of the restaurant La Cour des Lions Fatéma Hal  /  
    Food and Beverage Manager of the restaurant La Cour des Lions Yannick Salerno

    La Cour des Lions

     -  Moroccan Gastronomic Cuisine
      Palace Es Saadi Rue Ibrahim El Mazini - Marrakech
    Lunch: closed
    Dinner : open 7/7 from 19h00 to 23h00

    Enjoy a delicious moment at the Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, rediscovering its traditional Moroccan gourmet restaurant, La Cour Des Lions. On the top floor of the Palace, you will be impressed by its spectacular view on the 8 acre park and the lights of the ochere city. Es Saadi Marrakech Resort and Chef Fatéma Hal, the famous ambassador of Moroccan gastronomy, invite you to an unforgettable gourmet journey through a forgotten Moroccan cuisine.

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