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Are you on transit in Morocco and looking for a restaurant in Marrakesh? It was here between these thick walls in Medina that the thousand year old history of Marrakesh started. It is not really that long ago, in the 30s the agents of the Sultan of Marrakesh used to tie chains across ports at night to prevent visitors from entering Medina and Marrakesh... Everything changed from that moment on! An aperitif on the terrace overhanging the old city of Marrakesh, or a romantic diner in a restaurant bathed in moonlight, in a refurbished riad (traditional Moroccan house) is an unforgettable experience and a complete change of environment. In this Medina which plays host to more than nine hundred guest houses and as many restaurants, we selected twenty or so tables among some of the best in Marrakesh.

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Angsana Riad Si Said
N 1-2-4, derb Abbes El Fassi - Riad Zitoun Jdid - Marrakech
Café Arabe
184, rue El Mouassine - Marrakech
Casa Lalla
Rue Riad Zitoun Lakdime - 16, derb Jamaa - Marrakech
Dar Essalam
170, riad Zitoun Lakdim - Marrakech
Dar Justo
35, derb chorfa lakbir - Marrakech
Dar Moha
81, rue Dar El Bacha - Marrakech
Dar Yacout
79, derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Bab Doukkala - Marrakech
Fafa's By Palais Soleiman
Dar Layadi - Kaa Machraa - Bd du 11 janvier ... - Marrakech
Le Foundouk - Restaurant et Bar
Rue Souk El Fassi N°55 - Kaat Bennahid - Marrakech
Les Jardins de la Médina
21, derb Chtouka - Kasbah - Marrakech
Kissariat Ben Khaled - Rue Fatima Ezzahra ... - Marrakech
47, rue Berrima - place des Ferblantiers - Marrakech
Le Riad Monceau
63, derb Jamaa - Riad Zitoune Lakdim - Marrakech
Lotus Privilège
9, derb Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch - Quartier Dar El ... - Marrakech
Le Max
- 21, rue Sidi Lyamani - Ksour - Marrakech
Palais Soleiman
Dar Layadi - Kaa Machraa - Boulevard du 11 ... - Marrakech
La Pergola By Riad Monceau
7/8, Derb Chaabane - Riad Zitoun Lakdim - Marrakech
Le Tobsil
22, derb Moulay Abdallah Ben Hessaien - Ksour - Marrakech
La Villa des Orangers
6, rue Sidi Mimoune - Marrakech


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