El Hachem Oulhous
Sami Sabir
    Executive chef of the restaurant Le Selman El Hachem Oulhous  /  
    Food and Beverage Manager of the restaurant Le Selman Sami Sabir

    Le Selman

     -  International Cuisine
      Hôtel Selman Marrakech Km 5, route d'Amizmiz - Marrakech
    Lunch: closed
    Dinner : open 7/7
    Exceptional closure: Ouvert au déjeuner en saison hivernale lorsque le restaurant Le Pavillon est fermé

    This timeless place, imagined by Jacques Garcia, is both chic and casual, sober and majestic, open to the outside and intimate, and invites all the senses to travel. Electro-lounge notes mixed by the resident DJ to the menu, mixing Mediterranean flavors and international fusion cuisine, everything fits subtly for East and West to marry and magnify each other.

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