Mounia El Qobiss
Fatiha Boussaka
    Dining-room supervisor of the restaurant Palais des Cerisiers Mounia El Qobiss  /  
    Reception Manager of the restaurant Palais des Cerisiers Fatiha Boussaka

    Palais des Cerisiers

     -  International & Moroccan Cuisine
      Route du Cèdre Gouraud - Azrou
    Lunch : open 7/7
    Dinner : open 7/7

    Azrou is a region known for its cedars, apple trees, fish farm, monkeys and cherry trees, located 89 km south of Fez! Standing at 1,480 meters high, Palais Des Cerisiers, The Cherry Palace, offers an exceptional setting to relax and break away from the stress of the big city. Ideal to savor the time passing by and to taste their hosting table which will have you discovering tasty products from the land. Tip: spend the night, the place is worth getting to know.

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