Aziz Kerroum
Maryama Benyezza
    Chef of the restaurant L'Iglesia Aziz Kerroum  /  
    Director of the restaurant L'Iglesia Maryama Benyezza


     -  Morrocan cuisine - fish - seafood
      Eglise Saint-Antoine de Padoue Cité portugaise - El Jadida
    Lunch : open 7/7
    Dinner : open 7/7

    Nestled in the heart of the old Portuguese City, you'll love the Iglesia restaurant. Situated in the Spanish church dating back from the nineteenth century, this place offers fine lunches at the foot of the fortified walls. In the evenings, move inside the consulate’s former living room. Exquisite traditional Moroccan cuisine, along side beautiful fish, French specialties, all perfectly controlled. An unusual place not to be missed!

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